The Margaret River Wine Story

Part IV – Blessed by the weather gods

"Margaret River has the most reliable climate of all the major wine regions – indeed all – of Australia. Its latitude and the ever-present maritime influence of the Indian Ocean combine to give it high winter rainfall and a very even accumulation of heat throughout the growing season" – James Halliday, Wine Companion.

Blessed with deep, well-draining soil, the Margaret River Wine Region also boasts weather designed for growing plenty of grapes.

Did you know that grapevines favour 'temperate' climates, which mostly fall within distinct latitudes of 30˚ and 50˚ from the equator? With Margaret River sitting at 33°55’S, it's no wonder the region is renowned for producing consistent crops of grapes every year.

Team Margaret River's latitude with its proximity to the ocean and you get high winter rainfall, a dry, warm summer and low risk of frost – a prime environment for all things viticulture.