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The Margaret River Wine Region is a vibrant and popular wine destination for visitors from around the world. The wine industry in Margaret River is the most significant attraction to visitors to this popular region of Western Australia. As a result of the achievements and promotion of the wines both nationally and internationally, wine tourism continues to grow, as do the communities it supports.

The Margaret River Wine Region is also a gourmet food lover’s delight with locally grown olives, venison, award-winning cheeses, chocolate, organic fruit and vegetables plus an abundance of fish and seafood caught just offshore. With numerous celebrated restaurants and chefs there is something to tempt every palate over a leisurely lunch or cosy dinner, perfectly matched to the local wines.

Plan your trip around a selection of wine experiences below. For more information on the Region’s attractions and accommodation, visit Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association or Australia’s South West. Download a tourism map of Margaret River Wine Region.

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Keep Margaret River Phylloxera free

Margaret River is one of the unique wine regions in the world that can grow vines on their own root system due to the absence of the vine pest Phylloxera (fil-ox-era). The minute aphid-like pest attacks grapevine roots and causes decline in vine health and ultimately impedes the vine’s capacity to produce.

Please ensure you protect Margaret River from phylloxera whilst visiting our region. Please do not enter vineyards without permission and observe Phylloxera protocols during your visit.

For more information visit the Phylloxera website.