Discover Margaret River Wine Self-Drive Trails

These Margaret River wine and food trails are a great way to discover what makes this region so special.

To ensure you have a pleasurable stay please check to see if pre-booking is required for any of these amazing wine tasting experiences.

This will help you make the most of your time in the Margaret River wine region and avoid the disappointment of missing out.


Make Way for Chardonnay

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful examples of this variety, a perfect grape growing climate and highly skilled wine makers, there is no better place in the world to delve into the beautiful world of Chardonnay than Margaret River. Find out more here.


Cabernet For a Day

The sequel to the Margaret River Chardonnay trail, this Cabernet Sauvignon equivalent is the perfect way to deepen your wine discovery journey in the Margaret River region. Find out more here.


Halliday’s Weekend Wine Tasting Trail

The 2020 Halliday Wine Companion Awards did more than just reaffirm the Margaret River region’s world-class winemaking credentials: it’s knocked out a killer south west wine weekend itinerary. Fine out more here.


Small Family Winery Trail

Dropping in to cellar doors on Margaret River’s Small Family Wine Trail feels like dropping in on family. Find out more here.


Organic & Biodynamic Wine Discovery

The Margaret River Organic Wine Trail offers the best kind of new tourism adventure; a highly personalised experience you can construct through conversation and curiosity. Find out more here.


Tom Cullity Food & Wine Trail

There is an experience of wine in the Margaret River region that goes beyond tasting what is in the glass. As any winemaker will tell you, wine is much closer to being an organism than a liquid. Yeasts. Fermentation. Environmental impact. Winemaker input and interventions. It all goes into the bottle. Find out more here.


Paddock To Plate Dining Trail

The global drive for food sustainability has shone a big, fat spotlight on the importance of not just eating local, but ensuring what is harvested from or upon the earth is completely consumed. Paddock to plate. Nose to tail. Find out more here.


Lo-fi Wine Trail

There are a few key words sheltered beneath the lo-fi winemaking umbrella. Low-intervention. Minimal addition. Natural yeast. Minimal sulphur. Small batch. Hand picked. Find out more here.

Drink Wise

Margaret River Wine Association encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol and recommends the following:

  • don’t drink on an empty stomach;
  • drink plenty of water;
  • use spittoons; and
  • if you plan to drive – choose a designated driver or take a guided wine route tour.

Help protect the vines that make our special wines.

Margaret River is one of the unique wine regions in the world that can grow vines on their own root system due to the absence of the vine pest Phylloxera (fil-ox-era). The minute aphid-like pest attacks grapevine roots and causes decline in vine health and ultimately impedes the vine’s capacity to produce. For more information visit the Phylloxera website.

Your shoes and clothing can spread pests and diseases.  Please ensure you help protect Margaret River vines from phylloxera and other pests and diseases whilst visiting our region.

  • Please don’t walk amongst our vines.
  • Please do not enter vineyards without permission
  • Please observe biosecurity protocols during your visit.

Margaret River wine sign