New, Must Read Media Kit

The Margaret River Wine Association has launched a comprehensive and compelling, new 60-page Media Kit.

This powerful storytelling tool provides the most up-to-date and in-depth information about the region, validated through science, history and third-party endorsement.

CEO Amanda Whiteland says, “The objective was to create a valuable resource to help Margaret River Wine Association members, stakeholders and media to tell the Margaret River Story consistently and accurately. Never before have we had such a compelling and comprehensive tool at our fingertips.”

This project has been a few years in the making and would not have been possible without the input of the MRWA Technical sub-committee or the incredible knowledge and expertise of the team at DPIRD, as well as funding support from Wines of Western Australia and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, as part of the WA Wines to the World Program.

The DPIRD collaboration to produce the “Geology, Soils and Climate of the Margaret River Wine Region” report was essentially the platform on which the media kit was built and provides source information and scientific credibility throughout.  Thanks to this report we had the essential maps, copy and data needed to complete the sections on geology, sustainability, maritime influence, soils and climate in the kit.

This is a living document which will be updated biannually and evolve to become even more sophisticated over time as we uncover new findings on our region.

The content is divided into the four brand pillars and each section, fact sheets and maps can be downloaded separately.

Details covered in the media kit include:

  • Introduction to the Saltwater people, Geology, Soils, Climate, Biodiversity of the Wadandi Boodja

  • Maps on Temperature, Rainfall, Ocean Currents and more

  • Statistics on Viticulture, Remnant Vegetation, Area Under Vine and Percentage of Organically Certified Vineyards

You can download the Margaret River Media Kit at