Margaret River Winegrape Crush Reports Released

The APC Collection Outcomes show that Margaret River GI Crush Totals were:

2017       42,106 tonnes (164 producers)
2018       37,213 tonnes (182 producers)
2019       31,893 tonnes (177 producers)

MRWA estimates Vintage 2020 will be approx. 28,000 tonnes based on our own survey of wine producers that represented 65% of the 2019 crush.

This is quite a different picture to the 2020 National Vintage Report was released earlier this month by Wine Australia and can be found here.

For Vintage 2020, Wine Australia reported Margaret River winegrape crush increased +4.8% to 21,312 tonnes vs. the 2019 Wine Australia National Vintage Report that stated Margaret River’s crush as 20,330.

Despite under-estimating Margaret River volume (due to limited survey respondents), the Wine Australia Report is an important industry document, as it includes:

- State summary statistics by variety;
- Regional vintage statistics by variety;
- Average purchase value per tonne for each variety, and total value of the crush in each region;
- Planting details for the state and each region; and
- Historical trends and comparisons with previous vintages.

A more detailed Margaret River Summary report can be found here.

59 Margaret River producers responded in 2020 and 62 responded in 2019 to the Wine Australia survey.

This is significant less that the 181 producers that declared crushing grapes from Margaret River in Vintage 2019 to the APC.

We really encourage all wine producers to respond to Wine Australia's survey in future vintages to enable this report to give a more accurate reflection of the region.