Webinar: Capitalising on your brand portfolio packaging

Wine Communicators of Australia

9 March @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ACDT

Most research and recommendations concerning wine packaging focus on a single brand or sub-brand. However, most wineries produce many variants, some at the same price point made from different varieties or blends, and some at lower or higher price points but still carrying the same brand name.

In this webinar hear more about the benefits of linking wines with the same brand name together through their packaging, based on years of research at the Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

Professor Larry Lockshin will present some very recent research measuring the consistency of packaging across a number of Australian wine brands from small, medium and large wineries. The research highlights which aspects or attributes of wine packaging are most commonly used across brands in the same portfolio and which have the greatest effect on perceived consistency across the portfolio.

By attending this webinar you will gain knowledge of how to build mental availability across a portfolio of brands. Leveraging consistency across sub-brands will increase the possibility that a consumer buying one brand will recognise and choose other brands in the portfolio.

Presenter: Professor Larry Lockshin – Professor of Wine Marketing, Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia

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