WA Offshore: Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Showcase - 14 August 2020
Penang Showcase - 17 August 2020

The SWDC TradeStart team is looking for Expressions of Interest from wine, beer and spirits exporters interested in participating in a series of Malaysia
Showcase Events to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 14 August and Penang on 17 August 2020.

While it seems a long way off, the Malaysian Royal Customs must be updated on every new brand a liquor importer brings into the country and this approvals process can take many months. As such, we are currently working with an (interim) importer on your behalf to undertake the required approvals so that you can showcase your products to trade & consumers at the events in August.

The program is designed to maximise potential business opportunities through trade & consumer showcase events, in depth market briefing, retail  site visits, one on one meetings and industry networking.

WA producers will be able to meet key buyers and identify new  opportunities through these events.

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