US Market Entry Program – WA Wines to the World funding support & training

The US Market Entry Program provides in-market support to wineries interested in entering or re-entering the US market. It also provides in depth brand strategy support to wineries ready to move commercially in the market.  Wine Australia offers guidance and marketing support in communications, import logistics and trade outreach, to assist entry-to-market and brand exposure needs. Collaboration with importer brokers, media outlets and key trade and media contacts will be a central focus of the Market Entry Program in FY'22.

Note applications opened 22 March 2021 and Wine Australia has a preferred sign-up date of 23 April 2021.

  • Access detailed info on this program here. 

Additional funding support and a market preparedness training program is offered through WA WINES TO THE WORLD for a maximum of 10 program participants.  Assuming producers are also eligible for Wine Australia’s Wine Export Grants, this could mean producers pay as little as 25% of the $12,500 participation fee.

  • Register for funding support (max 10 producers) through WA WINES TO THE WORLD here.

We welcome all program participants’ feedback.  If you have any questions at all re the above please contact us.