Qantas Annual Wine Tasting 2021

Qantas is now accepting submissions for their annual tasting to be held from 5th to 7th July.

Key Information

To submit wine into the next wine review please complete all of the steps in the submission process outlined below.

  1. Read the information at

  2. Take note of the dates below.

  3. For each wine you submit, complete a separate Submission Form on the website.

  4. Send in samples as per below.

If you have museum stock or back vintages, they would be very keen for you to submit these wines for consideration.

Submission forms: to be submitted via this website no later than Friday 18th June 2021

Open Submission Form

  • One form per wine.

  • You will receive an email confirmation of this submission, sent to the email address you enter on the form.

  • On the form, "Total Quantity Submitted" means the volume you can sell to Qantas.

  • Price is "net" of all taxes - means excludes all taxes.

Wine samples: Send in sample bottles. One bottle of each only.

  • Wine to arrive during the weeks of Monday 14th  June – Friday 25th June.

  • Samples received before or after these dates will not be considered.

  • Address samples to Trent Andrews, Qantas Centre of Service Excellence, 70-80 Euston Rd Alexandria, NSW, 2015

  • Please ensure that you clearly label the carton with QANTAS TASTING.

  • One bottle of each wine is required.

  • All wine submitted becomes the property of Qantas.

  • Cardboard or other recyclable postage packing is preferred to polystyrene packing.

  • No tank samples.

  • No samples for economy 187ml.

Wines Varieties Being Reviewed in July 2021

  1. Cabernet & Cabernet Blends for Business Class

  2. Shiraz & Shiraz Blends for Business Class

  3. Pinot Noir for Business Class

  4. Other Red Varieties for Business Class

  5. Sauvignon Blanc for Business Class

  6. Riesling for Business Class

  7. Chardonnay for Business Class

  8. Other White Varietals for Business Class

  9. Dessert wine for Business Class

  10. Business Class Fortifieds

  11. Tasman Business Class White Wine (NZ produced Wines)

  12. Tasman Business Class Red Wine (NZ produced Wines)

General Requirements

  • Refer to 'Selection Process' page for information regarding wine styles.

  • Please ensure there are adequate quantities available for purchase of the wine you send in for sampling.

  • Minimum sale amount 1 pallet.

Has Your Wine Been Selected?

Whilst Qantas endeavours to respond to every submission, given the high number of submissions received, this regrettably is not always possible.

If you have not heard back from Qantas by 31st October 2021 please assume that your wine has not been selected in this instance.