Recording: Post Vintage / Pre-Pruning - Seasonal Worker & Harvest Trail Services Information Session

Employers of vintage and pruning workers are invited to join Rural Enterprises, the Harvest Trail Services (HTS) Provider for the South West, to an online Information Session on:

  • Who are Rural Enterprises?

  • What is the Harvest Trail Service (HTS)?

  • There is no cost to use the HTS services.

  • Overview of the services they provide:
    - Planning your workforce and recruitment needs
    - Sourcing suitable workers to meet your vineyard labour needs
    - Advertising your job vacancies on the Harvest Trail Jobs Board
    - Connecting you with eligible workers

  • Reliable information about fair, safe, and legal work arrangements and responsibilities of the employer

  • Latest Seasonal Worker Trends

  • What Seasonal Workers are looking for

  • Learnings from Vintage 2021

  • How to secure your workforce for the upcoming pruning season

  • Q&A

Find Zoom recording here, the link also includes the PowerPoint Presentation and the Harvest Trail Services brochure.