Mastering Microbes with Graeme Sait

27 February

Temple Farm
RSN 509 Marron Pool Rd
Cherry Tree Pool, WA 6395

Soil is the lifeblood of agriculture and is fundamental to our survival. Healthy soils are essential for healthy plant growth, food production for human nutrition and ecosystem services such as clean water and air. Healthy soil biology is essential for healthy soil, and this 1 day workshop and field walk will give farmers a deeper understanding of how soils function, what factors may be the limiting their soils productivity, & what steps they can take to ‘breathe life’ into their soils for year round soil health.

Presented by Graeme Sait (CEO, Nutri-Tech Solutions), an internationally respected author, educator, and farmer, and author of the “Nutrition Farming” podcast series, the workshop and field walk will explore the theme “Mastering Microbes – building the biological pathway”.

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