Lower Blackwood LCDC Steps to Successfully Revegetate Your Creekline

Thursday 20 April 8.45am - 1pm

Lower Blackwood LCDC Office, 403 Kudardup Road, Kudardup 6288

1/2 Day Workshop & Site Visit

Replanting the banks of a creekline has many advantages for the health of the stream and the river or estuary it runs into. With proper planning, revegetation can not only protect water quality, but can reduce erosion, improve biodiversity & habitat for native flora & fauna, and provide shade and shelter for stock.

Want to access some or all of those benefits for your property? If your answer is yes then make some time to come to our next Talkin’ After Hours event – Steps to Successfully Revegetate Your Creekline. Presented by Revegetation Practitioner Jarrad Sherborne from Tranen Revegetation Systems, this workshop aims to provide landholders with tips and tricks on how to successfully revegetate their farm waterways.

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