Lower Blackwood LCDC - What's that Weed Workshop


Thursday, 22 April 2021 | 3:30 pm  6:30 pm
403 Kudardup Road, Kudardup

We all know what a beautiful & biodiverse hotspot we live in so the topic of weeds is an important one. Weeds can & do displace our native species, altering not only the diversity & interactions of the flora, but also its value for the fauna as a food source and habitat. Weeds are also a major issue for primary producers, with impacts on market access and agricultural production.

Presented by ‘weedspert’ Greg Keighery, this special 2-hour workshop & Q & A will increase your knowledge around local weed problems, & discuss best practice weed control options for dealing with them. To make the workshop really relevant for you please bring along any plant samples you want identified or are interested in finding out more about.

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