Lower Blackwood LCDC - Optimising Plant Nutrition for Growers

 Thursday 23 November, 8.45am to 3.30pm

Effective and Efficient Strategies for Lowering Inputs and Improving Production

Ensuring that the plants we grow get the nutrition they need is important for the robust growth, pest and disease resistance, and yield outcomes we want from our enterprise programs. Current agricultural trends however are seeing a a decline in soil health, this is accompanied by a greater reliance on finite and increasingly costly fertilisers, and inceasing environmental issues that are associated with such practices.

More than ever, there is both an economic and ecological imperative for management practices that look after our soil so that we get better nutrient retention, delivery and cycling, and well informed, targeted fertiliser applications, to achieve desirable plant performance outcomes with minimal waste.

In this one-day workshop with Mark Tupman of Productive Ecology, we will cover the underlying principles and fundamentals of how to:

  • Build Fertile and Functional Soils

  • Determine the Nutritional Status of Soils and Plants

  • How to Best Apply Nutrients to the Soil and Plants

  • Develop Sound Nutritional Programs for our Crops/Pastures

The day will also include a practical session making and applying nutritional amendments.

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