Kick the Dirt - Arum Lily Blitz

Date: Wednesday 4th August
Time: 8.30 -10.30 am
Venue: Clairault - Streicker Conference Room at Restuarant, a field trip will follow.

Genevieve Hanran-Smith and Drew McKenzie of Nature Conservation in collaboration with Chris Gillmore of Clairault Streicker will present current practices for arum lily eradication through the Arum Lily Blitz program with insights into practical development of Biodiversity Actions Plans to meet Sustainable Winegrowing Australia requirements.

Did you know 6000ha are ‘under vine’ across the Margaret River wine region?

That makes for a lot of wine-producing land – and lots of opportunities for weeds to take hold. Chris Gillmore, of Clairault-Streicker Estate, takes this threat seriously and is a great example of how arum lily control, asset protection and environmental responsibility can coincide.

This is also an excellent opportunity for those members and growers to understand how develop strategies to meet Sustainable Winegrowing Australia Freshcare AWISSP Viticulture and Winery standards. Both Standards require a Sustainability Action Plan (M2 Freshcare AWISSP) to be developed that requires various management plans, in this case specifically the Biodiversity Management Plan (E5 of Freshcare AWISSP - Viti and E6 of Freshcare AWISSP - Winery). Drew McKenzie has many years of experience developing Biodiversity Management Plans and will be available to answer questions during this session in relation to this.

Chris is one of over a thousand land managers in the Margaret River region that have joined the Arum Lily Blitz, a coordinated campaign to control arum lilies to protect biodiversity, agriculture and landscape values across the region.

To find out how you can become an integral part of the campaign to control arum lilies please join us for an informative morning that will also include morning tea, insights into developing a Biodiversity Management Plan and field trip (on site at Clairault Streicker 3277 Caves Road following the presentation).

Free for MRWA Members, non-members $25.

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