Finlaysons Wine Roadshow - A Ticket to Ride

Monday 18 November 2024

Plan(t)ing your future: Who will be the next consumer of Australian wine and how do we attract them?

The Australian wine sector has been suffering enormous pain (or at least the bulk of the industry has been). There are critical issues that must be resolved in the short term. But we also need to look to the medium and long terms where there are existential threats to Australian winemakers and grape growers.

The current generation of wine drinkers is dying or drinking less. Future generations are not drinking as much wine as their parents did.

It is, therefore, essential to address the question of “who will be the next consumer of Australian wine and how do we go about attracting them?”

Each year, Finlaysons and their friends visit 10 or so leading viticultural regions of Australia to impart their legal and commercial wine industry knowledge to winemakers and grape growers. This year, Finlaysons will be accompanied by Australian Grape & Wine, Wine Australia and Wine Business Solutions. They will endeavour to give their guests some deep insights into these vital questions.

Attend Finlaysons’ Wine Roadshow 32 so that you can plan(t) your future.

  • General admission $149 per head (plus GST)

  • Approved Association* member $99 per head (plus GST)

  • Each additional family member attending as part of a family group receives a further $20 discount 

*Approved Associations:  Australian Grape & Wine, Wine Communicators of Australia, WISA, SAWIA, Wine Victoria, Wines of WA, Wine Tasmania and NSW Wine – plus Wine Australia levy payers

The seminar will run across 3 hours with afternoon tea, followed by drinks and canapes for a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. 

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