DBCA Prescribed Burns Updates


DBCA today confirms that:

  • Due to the requirements of the “Authority To Take” BWD_096 needs to be commenced prior to the 15th April due to the presence of rare orchids.

  • This burn is still reliant on sufficient ground moisture to be considered ready for commencement (i.e. a 5-10mm rain event)

  • BWD_096 is approximately 100ha in size.

  • Due to the traffic management complexity on Caves road around the Yallingup Hall it is highly unlikely to proceed during the Easter break.

  • Given its location at the northern end of the Cape and its proximity to the Indian ocean and Leeuwin Naturaliste NP to the west the same risk management frameworks and considerations regarding wind direction would then be applied to manage the smoke plume - the same as Augusta.

  • BWD_076 is a narrow belt of National Park, it is 10ha in size and does not have a timeframe limit for management.

  • The same decision framework as all Autumn burns would be applied.

Pending suitable weather conditions the DBCA Autumn program will be imminent by mid- April, it is also likely that some burning may occur out in the East of the District over the coming weeks, potentially prior to he 15th April. Again the same management frameworks and considerations would be applied.


Parks and Wildlife is currently reviewing BWD_070 Leeuwin, 3km west of Augusta.

  • At this stage this burn may proceed on Wednesday 24th March subject to forecast conditions remaining suitable.

  • BWD_070 has unique circumstance that require consideration for burning during early autumn due to presence of karri fuels.

  • Karri fuels are not generally available during spring due to late drying and elevated risks, once karri fuels become damp in late autumn they won’t be available.

  • Currently the forecast is for predominantly moderate E and SSE winds through Wednesday till Thursday lunchtime which will push the smoke off the coast and out to sea during the operational period.

  • Detailed forecasting information will be obtained daily to further guide decisions.

  • Known vineyards adjacent to this burn are all located north and north east of the burn.

Confirmation of the burn proceeding will be available through the DBCA web page.


The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) will be reviewing a number of prescribed burns in the coming days and weeks as weather conditions permit.

These burns are most likely to be considered in the very near future (see maps).
BWD_004 Beaton – 160ha in the western Cell (10km south east of Nannup)
BWD_120 Kearney – numerous small cells along Vasse Highway (10km south east of Nannup)
BWD_070 Leeuwin – 217ha (4 km west of Augusta)

As per previous years the forecast conditions and proximity of vineyards will be considered in line with DBCA procedures to minimise any potential impacts.

It is most likely that we will require another rain event before the broader landscape Autumn burn program will commence;  however the burns listed have unique requirements for consideration early this year.

View indicative maps here. 

It is important that growers and winemakers inform MRWA of approximate final pick dates and locations by vineyard so we can share accurate up-to-date information with DBCA. Please download this form (Excel spreadsheet) to complete and email it to Pip.