Cross Regional Travel during Lockdown

Essential workers
Essential workers are permitted to travel across regional borders with an approved G2G PASS. Primary industries production and processing are considered essential work.Please monitor the website, as the directions are subject to change.

Applying to travel across regions using G2G Pass

  • Due to the current lockdown in Perth/Peel and the South West, people should not leave or travel between these regions unless:

  • they are accessing essential goods or services that they cannot obtain in their region

  • they are an essential worker

  • for specific care and compassionate reasons or

  • they need to leave for an emergency purpose.

People can enter Perth, Peel or the South West, and travel between these regions for these reasons:

  • to go to their home

  • to access or deliver essential health and emergency services

  • other essential requirements or

  • for specific care and compassionate reasons.

The G2G Pass is now activated to process applications to enable such approved travel across regions.
You can submit your travel declaration at you have COVID-19 or symptoms – you cannot travel across regions within WA.

Police will continue to conduct random stops and checkpoint activities to check the validity of your travel.

Please make sure you carry your identification and justification of your travel – whether it be an email from your boss or appointment letter from your doctor – at all times.