AWRI - Climate change adaptation in the vineyard

Friday 12 May 2023
8:30am to 12pm

Australia’s wine industry is already feeling the effects of climate change. Our weather is becoming increasingly variable, with more frequent extreme weather events affecting vine productivity. Summers are becoming steadily hotter and drier, leading to changes in vine phenology, with grapes ripening earlier and over a shorter period. This can result in vintage compression and grapes being harvested at increasingly high sugar levels. In the longer term, we may start to see changes in pest and disease pressures, increased water restrictions, changes in suitability of traditional winegrape varieties in some regions, and trade restrictions related to international carbon tariffs.

This workshop will take an in-depth look at the climate change projections for your region and their impact on grape production. It will then discuss key climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies for the vineyard.

Margaret River Education Campus
Lot 272 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River WA 6285

Cost: $35 per person, inc. GST
Including morning tea

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