City of Busselton Bushfire Notice Review Feedback

The City is reviewing its Bushfire Notice and is seeking feedback from the community on potential changes before making any final decisions. It is envisaged that should any changes be made to the notice, they would be in place prior to the 2021/22 summer season.

Key factors that have led to the review include:

  • It has not been substantially reviewed for over ten years.

  • Because of increased development and changes to the climate, the risks in some areas have increased.

  • There have been changes in State level regulations, particularly since 2015.

In general, the potential changes would increase the requirements placed on landowners to manage bushfire risk on their properties, including through increased requirements to remove or trim/cut vegetation near houses and access ways.

You can read more about the proposed controls in each category via the document library on Your Say Busselton

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Submissions close 31 May 2021