Cellar Door Biosecurity Signage


Vineyards near cellar doors are exposed to biosecurity risks through heightened tourist visitation and movement.

Research shows that 44% of female visitors and 28% of male visitors to wine regions expect to be able to take photos amongst the vines as part of their wine tourism experience.

Anecdotally, Chinese visitors are more likely to walk into vineyards than tourists from other countries.

Phylloxera is being detected in more vineyards in Victoria. And Australia has experienced a doubling in the number of exotic plant pest incursions in the past seven years.

There are more pathways than ever before for exotic pests to enter vineyards. Tourist movement is one of those pathways.

The Cellar Door signage has been designed for consumer-facing purposes such as cellar doors and cycling/walking tracks. The signs include English and Mandarin messages that aim to build a partnership with visitors around vine health and protection.

Suggested Sign Locations

Many cellar doors were designed without biosecurity front of mind. For example, designated cellar door car or bus parking is often situated at the ends of vine rows with no barriers in between.

Ideally, your Wine Tourism Biosecurity Signs will be placed between your car parking area and your vines, to prevent entry into your vine rows (see mock-up below). You may need several signs located at positions where visitors usually wander into your vines.

Sign placement will depend on the position of your car park and relative proximity to vines adjacent to your cellar door.

Material: Gloss UV laminate on 3mm Aluminium Composite
Size: 813mm x 1120mm portrait
Price: $115 + gst
Add your logo for $50 +gst

Collection: MRWA Office, Margaret River Visitor Centre, 100 Bussell Highway, Margaret River

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