AWRI Webinar: Malolactic fermentation - opportunities and limitations

Thursday 20 July 2023 | 10am AWST

Despite considerable improvements in the control of malolactic fermentation (MLF), Australian winemakers may still experience stuck or sluggish MLF, particularly in white and sparkling base wines. In these cases, knowledge of factors influencing yeast and malolactic bacteria strain compatibility, such as the amount of SO2 a yeast strain produces, becomes vital for successful MLF. Following an overview of the options for different timings of malolactic starter culture inoculation, this webinar provides insights from recent research investigating the effectiveness of co-inoculation as a strategy to improve MLF performance in difficult wine conditions. The effects of co-inoculating Oenococcus oeni with SO2-producing yeast strains on bacterial survival, MLF, diacetyl production and sensory properties of Chardonnay will be highlighted.

Presenters: Dr Peter Costello (AWRI)

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