AWRI Webinar: Update on the National Germplasm Collection

Thursday 27 July 2023 | 10am AWST

The long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wine sector hinges on the health, quality and integrity of its vineyards. Planting material is sourced from nurseries through the grapevine propagation supply chain, which also involves vine improvement organisations, grapevine collections, breeding and clone selection programs, post-entry quarantine facilities and private cutting suppliers. A quality nursery vine ready for planting is one that is of known type, healthy, establishes quickly and performs to expectations in the vineyard. The Australian wine sector currently lacks a quality assurance system which covers the entire propagation supply chain, from collections through to customers. This means that there can be only limited assurance that the material being supplied for vineyard plantings is ‘disease-free’ or of a certain provenance, creating uncertainty for buyers. This webinar provides an update on a Wine Australia-funded project to coordinate a National Grapevine Collection and develop a national certified standard for grapevine propagation material.

Presenters: Nick Dry (Foundation Viticulture)

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