9am AWST 7 December 2023

In the first part of this webinar, Alex Sas will outline Wine Australia’s ongoing and planned initiatives for managing treated timber vineyard posts, focusing on CCA posts’ end-of-life management. Following this, Mark Gishen will delve into the findings of the ‘Building Back Better and More Sustainable Vineyards’ project, which explored safer alternatives to CCA posts in vineyards and offered crucial insights for vineyard operators. This collaborative project, cantered on experiences in the Adelaide Hills, assessed local alternatives to aid vineyards nationwide in making informed choices regarding post-reconstruction and waste handling. The webinar will conclude with a presentation from Uma Preston who will discuss Netafim’s drip line recycling service available to customers in Australia and New Zealand, showcasing a circular economy approach to address plastic accumulation in landscapes. This initiative’s commitment to product stewardship is fuelling the demand for more advanced drip line recycling practices in Australia.