To assist the wine industry at this time, Endevour Drinks has proposed 7 ways to support, including up-ranging local producers to local stores.  

What does this ‘local ranging’ look like?

* We’re looking to work with smaller, boutique producers that we can potentially up-range to Dan Murphy’s and / or BWS stores that are geographically close to their own regions, thereby giving these producers increased local bricks and mortar presence
* Wines could be temporarily loaded into our ranging systems for the next ~6 months
* We would need the wine to be delivered ‘direct to store’ to the stores carrying the range
* Our central buying teams will be setting these products up as optionally ranged products for our stores and then it is at the individual stores discretion what and how they merchandise local products in store

What’s the criteria for consideration?

* Given these extraordinary times, we’ve circumvented our normal ranging processes and schedules and will only require minimum criteria to consider the ranging of smaller local wineries, including:
– Wines must meet the quality expectations of the Dan Murphy’s / BWS customer
– Wines must present a commercially viable proposition for both the winery and Dan Murphy’s / BWS.
– Wine must have a barcode applied to the bottle at the winery (we can provide a barcode for you if required!)
– Wines must be delivered by the wineries, direct to the listed stores
– For simplicity, we would like to operate at a net:net cost and apply payment terms of 14 days from receipt of invoice

What’s the process from here?
If you would like to explore this channel to market, please contact:
Rick Blundo, WA Local Ranging, Dan Murphys
[email protected]

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