‘New Voices’ - Call for Wine Content Development

The wine world is seeing an explosion of interest in regional wine stories told differently.

To satiate this interest, WA Wines to the World is endeavouring to uncover new and unique content that will capture the interest of international wine trade and consumers.

New or experienced writers with a passion for telling Western Australian wine stories are invited to send a 150-word story pitch to WA Wines to the World. Successful pitch writers will then be invited to submit their stories of 1000-1500 words, for which they will be paid $1 per word (AUD).

The stories will be used in the delivery of global wine activations across the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. These include luxury wine tourism, luxury tastings, consumer tastings, educational campaigns and social media campaigns.

Pitch Brief

Pitches should be no longer than 150 words and must explain why this is a new story/angle; how this will express a new view or perspective on Western Australian wine; and why it will be of interest to international wine engaged consumers.

To submit a pitch, please email [email protected] with your name, contact details and pitch.

The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2021.