Lower Blackwood Catchment Regenerating Country

Thursday 21 October 9am - 12pm

The Berry Farm, 43 Bessell Rd, Rosa Glen WA 6285

A 1/2 Day Workshop & Field Walk

For tens of thousands of years Aboriginal people’s intimate knowledge of their country, their relationships with and responsibilities to it, has allowed them to survive and thrive on the driest continent on earth.

This knowledge, referred to as Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) is a complex, localised and adaptable body of knowledge and practices that is highly valued and passed from generation to generation.

In the South West, TEK has provided the Wadandi-Pibulman people of the Bibbulman nation with an intimate knowledge of the weather, seasonal cycles of plants and animals, and their links with culture and land uses.

As Land Managers today we can all learn much from TEK, specifically TEK can assist us to take a more holistic view of the land, and help us to understand the farm as an integrated and interconnected ecosystem. In this workshop Iszaac Webb, Wadandi-Pibulman cultural custodian, will share with us some of the Wadandi-Pibulman peoples’ valuable Traditional Ecological Knowledge, providing participants with an introduction to understanding Wadandi Boodja (country) including:

  • the cultural connection of landscape people, plants, animals, water, soils and landforms.

  • the seasonal calendar & your farm ecosystem

  • remnant bush - managing for biodiversity

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