Finlaysons (off) Roadshow 2020 Webinar

16 & 17 September 2020 1pm - 3.30pm

Finlaysons Wine (Off) Roadshow 28


Building resilience by learning from 2020

There is no point in “sugar coating” it - it has been a horrible year for the Australian wine sector.  We started with a devastating drought, were then hit by bushfires and the smoke taint impacts of those fires and then along came a Coronavirus and finally some serious geopolitical tensions affecting one of our major export markets.  The industry is renowned for its resilience, but have we ever been tested like this?

The important thing is that we learn from these experiences.  Disasters will come again, probably when we least expect it.  Next time, we should be better prepared.

Much has been written and spoken about crisis management in recent times, but not much of that has delved deeply into how to manage your employees at the moment disaster strikes or on the finer points of insurance law that have critical financial impacts.  Nor do many of the commentators know what is really happening in Australia’s key wine export markets.  Finally, what have we learnt at an industry level to make the Australian wine sector even more resilient?

Sadly, for the first time in 28 years, Finlaysons will not be visiting Australia’s leading wine regions, to impart their wine law knowledge, in person.  However, the show must go on!  Please join Finlaysons’ workplace, insurance and commercial lawyers, and the CEO’s of Wine Australia and Australian Grape & Wine, for a webinar that tackles these issues.

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