ARM Nursery

ARM Nursery

ARM Nursery supplies high quality grapevine genetics to the Western Australian and Australian industry. ARM nursery supplies and full range of bare rooted vines, grafted vines, cuttings and budwood material.

The nursery locally grows high quality plants and sources the best vine genetics from around the world. They have imported 50 new varieties and clones in the past 10 years helping to give Western Australian wine growers access to the best varieties and clones. They also have helped local wine growers source and propagate specific clones and varieties and they also provide specialised propagation services for new selections.

ARM nursery acts and the agent for Mercier in which allows access to wide range of grape material from around the world including Mercier’s own selections.

They welcome any enquiries and are very happy to help growers select the best options for planting, replanting or reworking.

+61 (0)429 77 2221