Our Climate

The Margaret River Wine Region’s climate is strongly maritime-influenced, as might be expected in a region surrounded by the ocean on three sides. With a mean annual temperature range of only 7.6°C (45.68°F), it has less than 25% of its annual rain falling between October and April.

The low diurnal and seasonal temperature range means an unusually even accumulation of warmth and while spring frosts are very rare they tend to be highly localised.

Margaret River is a wine region of superior growing conditions that are seasonally consistent with a Mediterranean style climate. This means vineyards are not affected by extreme summer and winter temperatures. Humidity levels are ideal during the growing period and the combination of climate, soil and viticulture practices leads to consistently high quality fruit of intense flavour. Consequently annual vintage results continue to exceed expectations and reinforce its reputation of one of the premium wine producing regions of the world.

Margaret River Ocean