The Region

At 115° 18′ East longitude and approximately three hours south of Perth, Western Australia’s capital city, Margaret River has in under 50 years grown to become one of the world’s great wine producing regions.

The benefit for a bottle of wine with Margaret River on the label comes from a unique combination of science, location and people. It is unique to other world wine regions in the combination of its assets and the wine attributes it can bring.

Both geographically and physically Margaret River is:

  • Hugged by the ocean on three sides and the resulting maritime influence lends itself to ideal growing conditions;
  • Maritime climate provides natural assistance from the wind, rain and sun at mostly the right time;
  • One of if not the most isolated and pure grape growing regions in the world;
  • Weather travels 1,000 kilometres across open ocean to reach Margaret River (Africa is 8,500 kilometres and the South Pole 5,000 kilometres away);
  • Free and distant from polluting winds and rain;
  • Surrounded by world heritage biodiversity hotspot; and best of all
  • Unique microclimates exist within the region as it is nearly 100 kilometres long and up to 27 kilometres wide ensuring no two wines or vineyards are ever the same.

From a wine perspective Margaret River is:

  • Created from scientific identification by Dr John Gladstones that the region possesses optimum growing conditions for fine wine table grape production;
  • Independent wine producers from the unknown niche to the internationally renown;
  • Internationally recognised producer of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, the king and queen of grape varietals;
  • A unique style of wine, a signature of grapes written in the marriage of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc; and they are produced by a proud and independent wine community with the industry being the leading economic driver;
  • As a community committed to fine wine and its future.

As the first significant planting of commercial vines only took place in 1967, the Margaret River’s wine brand identity is:

  • Distinctive and unique as the region from which the wines come and the people who make them – over 100 producers put their mark and creative touch on the wines, ensuring each wine is a new reflection of the region’s diversity;
  • Powerful, the flavours of the wines and the influence of the surrounding ocean;
  • Approachable, each interaction with the wine is a direct connection to the producers; over 80 cellar doors welcome and embrace visitors to the region; and
  • Expressive, every wine is a reflection of the uniqueness of place and personality that comprises the entirety of the Margaret River wine region producing uniquely blended and vitalising Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, powerful and elegant Cabernets and generously textured Chardonnay.

The assets, attributes and essence that describe the Margaret River wine brand and the emotional connection to the region are:

  • A connection to the unique and beautiful maritime region;
  • Wines that express the regional beauty and diversity;
  • Individual wines crafted by a creative and passionate wine community;
  • A rich offering from a range of wine producers with world renown Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon and a unique signature styles of SSB / SBS; and
  • A sense of uniqueness of place and personality that comprises the Margaret River Wine Region.

Although Margaret River contributes only around three per cent of the country’s wine grapes it commands over 20 per cent of today’s premium wine market and is represented on 25% of all wine lists in Australian restaurants.

Today there are over 5,000 hectares under vine and approximately 215 grape growers and wine producers in the region.

“… I believe Margaret River will with time become one of the world’s great wine regions. That it has come so far in only 40 years is a tribute not only to natural advantage, but also very largely to the skill and dedication of the pioneering vignerons and winemakers. And with few of the wines yet to fully mature, surely the best is still to come.’’

Dr John Gladstones 9th December 2007

Vines in Margaret River